AZA-OAD and WaterCloud

Scalability and sustainability are no longer just catchwords for software systems applied to process and to manage certain leakages and any data related to measurement procedures on pipe sections or entire networks. The WaterCloud system has turned such requirements into reality. Functions which allow several users to visualize certain data subject to their particular decision-making authorities accelerate the working process. A central system, which is available 24/7 from any computer worldwide, eases access to and the interpretation of the measurement data. However, not only stability, visualization, and automatic processing of the data by the WaterCloud system play a decisive role. Also quick and cost-efficient acquisition of the data to be processed is another crucial factor to be taken into consideration.

Therefore, F.A.S.T. has designed the new bi-directional radio logger system which features utmost mobility and flexibility in terms of measurement data collection. The new receiver system consists of two components: a so-called ServiceMaster, which is to collect the measurement data of the radio loggers, and the AZA-OAD program.

The AZA-OAD program can be run on any customary android tablet provided the tablet features a Bluetooth interface. Data exchange between the AZA-OAD program and the ServiceMaster is carried out through a Bluetooth connection, and data exchange between the ServiceMaster and the radio data logger uses a 433MHz radio connection.

Graphical measurement data processing by means of the AZA-OAD program provides a quick overview of the noise level data acquired. Like our AZ100 system, the AZA-OAD software issues a statement on the leakage and thus supports the interpretation of the data related to the particular noise level. If this feature does not offer sufficient support, the program is also capable of reading out a current file containing the relevant noise level history or a corresponding file acquired at night-time from the radio data loggers and of displaying such noise level history file. Satellite-supported positioning of the radio loggers also eases retrieving the data loggers in badly arranged terrain. The acquired measurement data can be transferred from the field to the WaterCloud directly at the push of a button thus allowing also additional staff to interpret the data without any delay and to take any further steps, if required.

So the new AZA-OAD program applied in combination with our WaterCloud is a system which combines the advantages of a central multi-user platform with a mobile measurement data collection system.

In this animation you can see the structure and function of the bidirectional Loggers and the interaction between the BIDI-Loggers and the GSM-Network in the new Water-Cloud System.

Operating Instructions

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